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Saturday, 17 April 2010

And after all that, we’re still in it.

So this week, we lost to Tottenham and auto-matically the world says “It’s a two horse race” but after Chelsea’s loss to Tottenham this Saturday, a win against lowly Wigan, would see us firmly back in the title race, sitting 3 points off the top. If Liverpool and Tottenham could grab results off Chelsea and United and we beat City, we are back in it and could well win it.

Throughout this season, everyone told us, we’re not going to it, and I still believe there’s a twist to this race. Chelsea have little defence and United have not scored too many goals in a few games.

So I leave you with one word, BELIEVE.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Stick with Arsène

“Arsène’s taken us as far as he can, he should go”
How fickle are we, our reserves get undone by the best player to grace Football in this young century and already the head of the French Maestro is already being called. Didn’t you hear? Barcelona didn’t win f*ck all for six years. Just like er….oh ARSENAL! By the way, this wasn’t back in the 1950’s this was from 1998-2004. As Real Madrid were spending gajillion’s of euros on their ‘Galactico’s’, Barcelona looked at the next generation. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas etc. Just a few names Barcelona had in their camp. Whilst Madrid made the news with established signings (Beckham, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos etc.) Barcelona made the next established names. Remind you of anyone? It’s like today with the Premier League. Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United over-spend to buy the best players around to win trophies, whilst we continue to make new players like Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere through our youth academies or buying these players from other teams and raising them ‘The Arsenal Way’.
Look at the last few years, to even match us teams have had to spend 100’s of millions to attempt 4th place, whereas we spent £2.50 on a player most of which probably takes care of his bus-fair from wherever to Islington and yet we’re still making Champions League and still getting close to the League. Not to mention, our big stadium debt which is being dealt with. No fickle green and yellow scarves at our great stadium.
Wenger is by far the best manager for the Arsenal job, plays the most attractive football in the Premiership on a shoe-string budget and still manages to get close. Believe! I think in a year or so, our young bloods will take us to finals and win us the Premiership, like they did at Barcelona. Besides, if Wenger is sacked tomorrow, who in their right mind would we get in without breaking the bank, especially so close to the end of the season where we could still win something who would still play great football. Pep Guardiola? Well last time I checked he was winning everything with the best team in the World. Here’s your answer, there isn’t a soul who can replace Arsène right now and I don’t think there will be. Stick with the manager, that’s the only way we’ll ever win anything.

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

An overview of the FA Cup Semi-Finals

I was going to make 300 separate blogs about the different issues, but then I’d be called sad and in need of a life. So posting one huge one makes me look better (somehow).

First off, the Wembley pitch. It’s a joke, I mean, James Milner should not be coming off after 3 minutes to change his boots because he’s slipping and sliding like a fool. (May I just hit a quick side note, that as someone who travelled and estimated 130 miles to go to Wembley Stadium, it’s a fantastic stadium, one of the best in the world and the only ground I’d love to go to more is probably the Camp Nou). Anyway, back on track, as a nation vigorously trying to host the biggest competition in the world (The World Cup) it’s no doubt those FIFA representatives are watching that pitch and are still thinking “Well it’s a beautiful stadium but a sh*t pitch and that must come first”, now okay, there’s a good chance it will be fine in 8 years but they don’t give you the World Cup in 8 years they give it in December. It’s a real surprise the FA haven’t broke the bank to get the critically acclaimed best groundsmen at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (don’t believe they’re the best: to sort this travesty out. That or have some inquiry to find out what’s best. We’re a laughing stock, £789 million for a great big stadium with a crap pitch.

Secondly, why are the Semi-Finals played at Wembley? Oh that’s right they have to reap the money back, but to me, they were fine at Old Trafford/Villa Park, heck even the Emirates would be a good choice. The over-use of the ground, is another reason for it’s dodgy pitch.

Thirdly, Aston Villa are NOT a top four team. Now, I don’t have anything against Aston Villa, and I wish them the best but they’re not a top four club. Why? Because they lack a game changer. This is the one thing they lack, and  a main reason why they lost to Chelsea. Too many Villa players have cloned themselves onto the Villa bench. Look at his change yesterday (nothing against O’Neil he’s working with what he’s got) they are losing one-nil to Chelsea, their lofting high balls into the box are being caught by Cech and Carew is doing nothing with his size. So, who does he bring on for Carew, Emile Heskey, the exact same player with a new name and shirt number. Had he had a quick player to run at a tiring Chelsea back four he may well have made something of the match but he didn’t, if Villa want to make 4th they need to invest in a player to change the game from off the bench. Look at the top 3 for this season.
Chelsea: Can bring on Anelka, Malouda, Kalou all players capable of changing the game.
Manchester United: Can bring on Park, Nani, Valencia and at this time Mecheda (depending on which one starts)
Arsenal: Can bring on Walcott.
There proof that you need a game-changer in your team.

Finally, the refereeing in this country is a joke. Howard Webb is our best choice for the World Cup? God help us. He’s made so many wrong decisions and I think these referee’s need a Summer of re-coaching.


I think as this is a new blog, it’s fair to introduce myself. I am  known as Robbie TK, I don’t want to give out my surname for privacy purposes. The opinions expressed are my own and not anyone elses (unless stated). I am an Arsenal fan who also follows his home team Wolverhampton Wanderers. In my blogs I will discuss football matters topical, although I will usually speak of my own teams as that’s what I want this blog to do. Talk about my own team and what they perhaps need to do to better themselves.