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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Why Video Technology is needed in Football…NOW!

How many more decisions must we get wrong before FIFA realise the referee’s are only human. I mean if they got some amazing Terminator’s as referee’s I’d understand, but what 4 officials see, is not always what a camera sees.

Football for many of us is a passion, a lifestyle. But it’s hard for any of us to carry on watching when so much is missed by average referee’s. To be fair, most of the time, a referee is not always to blame for a poor decision, he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head (he’s not a teacher). Yet, as he is in charge of the game and because he is the only one to blame, we blame him when our team should’ve got a penalty and yet we lost 2-1.

I hate the excuses, “Well it’s unfair on the small teams on the hackney marshes”, I forgot how much was at stake at Windsor Vs Penn Rovers last month compared to you know an FA Cup Semi-Final.

When you have the technology why not employ it. Maybe just for a trial season would work, even your 2 extra officials are only human.

I don’t think it hurts the game to stop it either. It took ITV less than 15 seconds to determine the was it a goal, was it not for Portsmouth/Chelsea, and that’s two men. You could employ a whole team of officials to watch over decisions like that. From different angles and make them say yes or no.

I think this has to be trialled or better yet have a motion sensor on each goalpost and the ball and make it beep if the ball crosses the line.

Anyway, just my views.

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