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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Big Game Sunday

Last time Arsenal won the league cup my parents were expecting a child and living in one of the roughest areas in the Wolverhampton, last time Arsenal won a trophy I was there and living in a not so bad part of Wolverhampton. Point? There is none, its just its my blog so I must be included in everything.

On Sunday I shall be attending the Carling Cup Final, and despite not being old enough to remember what it was like to care for the League Cup, from listening to Alan Davies and the Gang on “The Tuesday Club” it used to mean something. This of course was probably helped with the incentive of a possible place in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup a tournament I proposed be reformed to help the FA Cup and also the fact that one team got into the European Cup and another the UEFA Cup.

Despite some people on that other show saying they’re not bothered and some (like Matt Lucas) saying they’re embarrassed by getting to the final, I am still content and happy with this final appearance, and with wins against Chelsea and Barcelona this season, and addition of this trophy to our illustrious cabinet, is by no means embarrassing, in fact, its a massive help.

For you see, for several years now many of these first team lads are young enough to be fringe players at other clubs and even be let go to go rot in the never regions of the French first division only to come and bite their former club in the arse. However, Arsene has kept these lads (despite our pleas for them to feck off back to whence they came) and has told them “You can win trophies” oh, and look we have a trophy in our sights. This trophy is a stepping-stone, a stepping-stone for greater things. Once you know how to win one trophy, you know how to win another. Its like FIFA, once you know what formation, what tactics and players to use for Arsenal, you’re invincible.

However, despite the fact we may win everything some day, there is some bad news, captain Cesc Fabregas and playmaker Theo Walcott will play no part in the final, and emotionally, Cesc did tweet this the other night:


Now you can say he wants to go home, but his sudden desire to play for the best footballing club in the world (and who can blame him) has not calmed his passion and burning desire to captain this Arsenal side to silverware something unlikely to happen at boyhood Barcelona.

I really hope Cesc is allowed to lift the trophy as captain like Patrick Vieira did in 2003 despite being injured/suspended with whoever the captain of the day (probably Robin or Samir) is. Although, maybe a positive we can take away is perhaps Cesc’s burning passion to win trophies as Arsenal captain may warrant him staying for longer and for a long enough time where the business-mind of Arsene Wenger gets £30 million for a finishing Fabregas instead of £29 million for a reaching prime Fabregas.

Either way, bring on Sunday and come on you Gooners!

P.s. Lets win it for Cesc AND Theo.

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