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Friday, 23 July 2010

One last thing: Joe Cole

Its no lie, Arsenal have been involved in trying to sign Kentish Town Pikey Joe Cole since his departure from Stamford Bridge. Of course, unless you’ve been away from the English Media you should all know he’s signed for that successful Champions League playing club Liverpool…what? They came 7th last year and play in the Europa League? That seems very odd..oh they offered him a MASSIVE contract….that sounds right then.

Yes, he turned down first team Champions League football for its socially-retarded younger brother, Europa. Of course for the money.

Now, would I have liked Cole on our books? Yeah, why not, when he can walk he has some talent. However, we have a load of prosperous midfielders Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, Nasri and Wilshere, and without him these lads can get more games and gain experience.

Besides, I’m not over-paying a guy who sits in the hospital most of the season (yes, like most our squad). Yes, he’s talented, yes he’s been misused and yes we could utilize him to our advantage to win something. However, he obviously wants money to make sure this will probably be a final move or at least a penultimate.

So instead of paying his stupid wages, let him bankrupt Liverpool as he sits in the stands.

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