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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Arsenal Vs Liverpool: ARGH!

Well I just got done playing some FIFA, beat Real Madrid in the Champions League Qtr-Finals and I apparently ‘lost’ to Liverpool in the FA Cup Semi’s but I’ll replay that later and make sure that damn Gerrard doesn’t squeeze in a winner in the 89th minute even though my player was being obstructed.

Wish I could replay today’s game however. I didn’t really want to come on here and start slating everyone because that’s not particularly fair, but if I have to, I will.

Just before I begin, I don’t plan to do these on every game, just the ones on the tele and that doesn’t count watching MOTD or Football First because you cannot gain all information on a few highlights.

First half ,we looked alright and up for a good win, Almunia as always looked shaky from set-pieces and I really didn’t like seeing it. However, if you believe everything in the papers, Schwarzer (I really am getting tired of Wenger signing people with odd names like ‘Chamakh’ or ‘Koscienly’ and ‘Vermaelen’)  is apparently on his way to us. However, if you believe everything in the papers, you’re honestly a mug and need to get out more. But I digress, hopefully that’ll be one of his last appearances. Kos looked pretty solid at the back. Him and TV5 look the part at the back and it was good to see Clichy and Sagna get forward. We still need another Centre-half though. I’m not going to get into the incident before half-time. Or am I?… is my response…(Family Guy quote). No, in seriousness, at first I was really pissed. You cannot tell me some of them weren’t thinking “Well Arsenal are wafer thin at the back, if we take out this lad Koscienly who looks pretty good, we’ll win this even if we go down to ten". You cannot tell me that wasn’t a red either. I mean two footed, late and the lad almost broke his leg. You can’t do that in football, and I’m sick of players thinking they can. If that was four in four seasons, then I’d have seriously called for Arsenal to uphold all their fixtures and FORCE the FA to make an inquiry in why we seem to be the only ones who have players tackled so hard they come out with broken legs.

Luckily, Kos came out second-half. But our defence didn’t, within a minute David N’Gog scores at the near post and Jesus Christ, showed how much we need a keeper. I do wonder, why does he dive in this situation? If he stands up, he gets the ball and saves it (I’m talking about Almunia still, and not Gerrard by the way). I felt sorry for Wilshere, who obviously made the mistake assuming someone else would pick it up. It does show fannying around so close to the 18 yard box is always going to be fatal. I don’t know why with Chamakh we knock a long ball forward and just get it away. Okay, we don’t like to see Route One, but I’d rather score a goal from a massive long-ball than concede one because we slip up. It goes back to the old schoolboys angry Dad shouting “GET IT OUT!”, it’s not the way we like to play, but its a basic, and sometimes going back to a basic hoof away rather than pass, pass, pass, slip up, concede is a lot better. Especially with a big target like Chamakh to aim at who likes the aerial ball.

Of course, we got pressed down and then could never break through. It pains me to say it, but if Cole had never been sent off, I think we’d have won that. Liverpool would have been more open, knowing it was all equal man-wise and we’d have hit them hard a couple times. However, Hodgson would have told them, to get out there, nick a goal and sit back and defend for 40 minutes.

In the end, Chamakh somehow spooked Reina into making mistake of the season (and Flappy hasn’t even played yet) by throwing the ball into his own net. Before that, Rosicky had one chance and somehow blasted it over, it took a touch, but low and hard in the bottom corner would have done it. Walcott was finally played central although never saw much action in a tight Liverpool defence. Kos was sent off for no reason, a ball to hand moment meant he was sent off for two yellows. Even though somehow N’Gog punching the ball went unnoticed some 30 minutes before.

Overall, a well earned draw considering. We should appeal and get Kos’ ban over-turned. I feel with Cesc, Song and RVP all set to start next week we should get a result against Blackpool. To be fair, going to Anfield opening weekend is hard. Especially with 3 key players missing on the Starting 11. I’d rather we’d had this one a couple weeks down the road, when players like Chamakh and Kos have settled, Wilshere and Arshavin have gained some confidence and players aren’t playing meaningless friendlies days before the first game of the season. I somehow feel Barcelona are responsible for flying Cesc to Mexico days before the start of our season to play against Mexico. They start in a couple of weeks, yet notice no Barcelona player started. Sort of a “If we can’t have him, no-one can” gesture. Anyway, me done, going to re-start my Virgin Media Box and see if anything good’s on the televsion. Night.

-Side Note: Carragher regarded Pepe Reina the “Best goalkeeper in the world” – if that’s so why is he 3rd choice for the World Champions?-

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