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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Couple of issues

I want to make this quick so I can go to bed, so a couple of things. Firstly, I haven’t seen the full Blackpool game so I wont comment on it.

Secondly, we’ve signed Squilacci (excuse spelling) which is great news. He’s an experienced lad that will definitely help players like Vermaelen and Kos ease into playing centre-half. He also brings experience should players get injured, especially after how bad Djourou and Kos looked together against Celtic. Although, with that comes apparently the end of spending. Meaning no goalkeeper, which is bad. Although, I wouldn’t rule out anything.

Thirdly, our group is by far winnable. I notice we have some tough away trips but 5 points away from home gets you through the group stages as long as you pick up a full 9 at home.

Lastly, Pep Guardiola has said that we are no worse than Barcelona in our pursuit of Squilacci. Here are several things wrong with his argument:

1) No Arsenal players put an Arsenal shirt on Squillacci.
2) No Arsenal players said Squilacci has “Arsenal DNA”.
3) No Arsenal players have said “Squilacci is wearing an Arsenal shirt in his heart” or any other bullcrap.
4) No Arsenal players have spoke on behalf of Squilacci and said they knew his wishes.

So, basically, we did everything to the letter of the law, you however, Barcelona did not.

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