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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Emirates Cup 2010

Hello again, I just came back from two days of football, queuing, sickness and sight-seeing. Yes, the Emirates Cup.

I have to apologise now, I missed game one on both days (well the 1st half on Day two). On Day one I was in the Armoury getting my new shirts printed and day two I was still in Oxford Street till second half.

Anyway, to the Arsenal. First of all, why is it we always play our crap team first day? I mean Fabianski in goal? Rather Mannone who has something to give. That or Szcensky? is that how you spell it?  However, I got to see Chamakh-attack (who by the way, has a good fan-base of shirts already) and see his first Emirates Goal. Koscienly looks phenomenal at the back, and Vermaelen (why does Wenger buy people with obscure surnames!?) looks like a perfect partner. As for the rest of the team on day one, Wilshere looks to have grown after his spell at Bolton, although my Dad pointed out he dives in too much (something taught at Bolton). Arshavin is a lazy sod but he’s a genius and I love him, Fabianski is useless at set-plays but out-skilled Pato and Frimpong looks pretty good too.

Apologies to anyone at Finsbury park tube who had to clean my vomit up Saturday, don’t worry, it happens anytime I travel and don’t eat properly. You’d think after a while I’d learn.

Oh and screw you AC Milan! I waited feeling like crap for nothing. Not even one of you could be arsed to scribble something on my program, alright, Clarence stopped for like 2 guys, but they were pros and even then you ignored us.

Anyway, enough of me ranting on, now to the second game.

I must say I feel more comfortable with Almunia in goal. Not comfortable enough to feel we’d get a clean sheet, at points I thanked the lord Celtic’s second team were shit in front of goal (especially first half) but if its between him and Flappy, then LUCASZ (as some people behind me were shouting) has to go. Still this is not a quick-fix solution, we have to spend a bit of money. I want Joe Hart, he is by far the next best keeper out there, and with City ignoring him, you have to say Arsenal should put some money down for him.

At the back, Vermaelen looked solid again, Walcott seemed to do everything right except finish, something he needs to work on. I think the wing is not his proper place. According to some people (admittedly on 6-0-6) he played for the Saints in the middle, and if this is the case, he should be slotted somewhere central next year. Isn’t there another winger who got the 14 shirt who is like our top scorer or something because Wenger stuck him central? Wilshere’s near volley and Sagna’s unbelievable goal were amazing and prove why they are in our team even if Bacary is a full-back. Clichy is really bloody quick (acording to my Dad (but he follows the Wolves so what does he know about pace? Their fastest player is Matt Jarvis)) and gets forward as well as a certain Cashley Wankface (anyone see his face ripped? Seriously Arsenal, you should’ve cropped him out).

The one scare was the second half when we took Vermaelen off (I hope not due to injury) and we looked sloppy, Celtic battered us and almost snatched the Cup off us. I mean, can we not close a game out? I hope this is due to lack of experience between both centre-halfs, in which case we need another. Although Kos and TV5 looked great together (anyone else wished we still had Senderos?).

My one disappointment was there was no Vito Mannone. My pick for #2. Seriously, I think we’d have won Day one had he been in instead of Flappyhandsyndrome. He was our best goalkeeper last year and we didn’t see him at all, only warming up. I hope he gets some time next season.

As for next season, I want to see a Top 3 finish and the Cup. I know we don’t care for the cup, but I think a lot of them secondary lads could win us that. I just want something won at the end of this year to shut up the socially retarded lot down the road. Plus, with less and less of the big teams caring, I think we should throw some eggs in that basket. I also want Tottenham out of the Champions League before the draw for the Group Stage. Be a good laugh, seeing as they made 3 shirts for 3 different competitions to see it all go to pot (small club mentality).

Anyway, me done, here’s to a new season, we have (at time of writing) 27 days to keep Cesc Fabregas and to sign a new keeper and a new centre-half.

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