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Friday, 6 August 2010

Transfer news and some other stuff no-one cares about.

Good morning, evening, afternoon and night. Whenever you may be reading this (if anyone does), well I don’t know. It's too early to be funny (time of writing: 06:31).

Anyway, to business, again this is very Arsenal orientated, sorry, I know it says “talksfootball” but being an Arsenal fan, there’s no need to follow United, Chelsea or Liverpool. I only ever get their information from the occasional reads of Express & Star (they have a column on other clubs), Weekend Papers and Sky Sports News.

Anyhow, to business, well after a long summer of speculation, it seems for at least one more season Arsenal have kept hold of Cesc Fabregas. For the whole summer, I have kept belief that he was never leaving. Arsenal have had odd twists of fate in their favour, Cesc’s failure to make the first team ahead of Barcelona’s Xavi, Iniesta and sometimes even Busquets can only have made Cesc think he wasn’t good enough yet to make it off the bench. Barcelona’s priority of David Villa over him and their financial restraints have all helped Arsenal cling on tight to their precious captain. However, with all this optimism that he’d still be playing in the Red & White of Arsenal next season, I always imagined we’d be just about good without him. Look at the last few players who have gone for whatever reasons, Henry and Adebayor especially, everyone said we’d slip out of the Top 4, no-one gave us a chance. Oddly, the seasons after they left us, we got into higher positions than the previous season they were there. I always assumed a player like Nasri or Wilshere would grow into Cesc’s role and we’d get stronger.

However, we cannot assume we’ve kept Cesc forever, we all know it is only a matter of time before someone does give them the money to buy him. However, that is a big ‘when’ seeing as I wouldn’t trade with them at all until fees for both Henry and Hleb are paid off in full.

All that is needed is for Cesc himself to come out and say he is staying, something that I see happening in just a matter days. Further clarification of him staying for the season will come when he plays in his first Champions League game, thus making him cup-tied.

I also would like to say a few things to those people who wanted him gone and humiliated. Why? I mean, why would you strip him of the captaincy? Why would you embarrass a player you want to keep? Its like a bully who says “Hey kid! Don’t tell your parents what keeps happening or you’ll get it.” The bully being Arsenal, the kid being Cesc and the parents being Barcelona. Eventually you humiliate the child so much (embarrass him by stripping him of the captaincy, make him an example and just generally alienate him as you suggest) until he runs him to his parents and bawls his eyes out to them until Barcelona buy him back or the player just refuses to do anything (a.k.a. Adepaymesomemore sydrome). To be honest, this is where you have to respect Arsenal and Arsene, they have done nothing to make any move actually happen. They have respected anything Cesc has done, and even though Barcelona have been annoying and really want to make you punch every one of them in the face but Arsenal have kept quie,t said everything respectfully and hoped for the best. Ironically, they’re the ones with the player.

Some other transfer news, former Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor is on his way out of the Premiership. After a failure at Manchester City (oh what a surprise?), he looks to be on his way to Juventus. Which leaves him open for another move in January if Europa League football on Channel 5 doesn’t take his fancy as he would not be cup-tied for Champions League fixtures. Remaining with City, apparently, they wouldn’t sign Inter player Mario Balotelli because they refused to pay him £180,000 a week wages. Seriously? They have all the money in the world, and yet they aren’t willing to pay the man a basic wage!? I can understand any club turning down a wage too high by any player, especially before you see how we performs, but to tell me that’s the reason he wont sign for City is B.S., they can afford whatever they want. Why wouldn’t they pay that kind of money?

On a funny note, Jermaine Defoe has said Spurs will finish higher than us in the Champions League, now like any Arsenal fan I could make jokes of how they’ll go out to Young Boys and how they’ll fail in the Europa League and how Harry Houdini will magic away all their money and put them into administration like West Ham and Pompey. But I am bigger than that, I’ll leave them to their own small club mentality, having to compare themselves to us all the time. Seriously, come back when you have won something worthwhile…a good number of times!

Anyway, that’s me done, now to sit down and watch some Jeremy Kyle (THERE’S NOTHING ON!")

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