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Saturday, 7 August 2010

When is enough, enough?

Seriously, how many more errors have to be made before we decide to change. This is not an anti-Wenger article, it is far from it. I love Wenger, and I would never for the life of me get rid of him if I was in charge of Arsenal. I just need to question his judgement on not buying a keeper.

If he stood up and said “Look, the board wont give me the money and we’ll have to make do” then fine. That’s understandable, but when he stresses he has money, then why do we hear speculation but no end product?

I’m writing this after the Legia Warsaw game which ended thankfully 6-5 to the Arsenal. In which Fabianski and Szczęsny played. Szczęsny looked the better of the two (from what I’m told) but he also isn’t ready for a #1 shirt. My only guess to why those two played is because they're both Polish and played for Warsaw earlier in their careers.

With just one week till the season, and with all this malarkey about Cesc out of the way, we need a keeper. I hear we’ve bid 23-25mil for Reina. This has to be bullshit, we never bid over 10-12mil for outfield players, and so I doubt any bid for Reina has been put down at all. This is probably media hype, it’s especially odd, when you’re playing against Reina and Liverpool in 8 days. Perhaps this is to make the player uneasy ahead of the game. Besides, why would Roy ever give up his #1 when he has no-one for cover?

I watched the Leeds/Derby game earlier and wished we’d have got young Kasper Schmeichel. Okay, he conceded 2 goals but some of the saves he made were really top class and better than most of our lots.

So, we need to buy a keeper and quickly too. I fear for the game against Liverpool. They’ll either be shit in front of goal with Sampson (Torres) or we’ll be shit at the back. Our two centre-halves are pretty good but none of our keepers are much plop.

On a good note, Wilshere, Gibbs and Walcott all got called up for England Vs Hungary. I hope they impress and I hope they become regulars.

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