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Saturday, 20 November 2010


I hoped the blog I actually bothered to do next wouldn’t be a complaining one, but it will have to be. Well, if you don’t know, or have drunk enough pure Vodka to forget, Arsenal actually lost at home 3-2 to Tottenham, despite being 2-0 up.

Now, I’ve been annoyed after many defeats, in 2003 I had a massive paddy when we lost 3-2 to Leeds and lost the Title ,in 2004 I cried when we lost to United in the Semi-Final of the cup, in 2009, I kicked my chair in anger after losing to Chelsea 2-1 in the Cup, in 2004, I swore loudly in front of my family when that CHEATING MERSEY MONEY-GRABBING DIVING SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY! Rooney fell over and lost us our unbeaten run and in 2010 I yelled “BUY A F*CKING KEEPER WENGER!” when we lost 3-2 to Wigan, but never have I actually tried to tear apart the foundations of my home by punching seven shades out of my bedroom wall. It was a good job my singed Arsenal team-picture from 2004/05 wasn’t repaired after I cracked the frame accidentally a few weeks ago, otherwise that would be gone forever.

Now, oddly, I can’t come on here and shout directly at one player or the manager for a terrible second half. Usually, Flapianski or Almunia gets the blame for not getting to a shot, or Wenger for not buying this guy because he’s better than our lot. It just seemed, that the whole team shut-down. It was like at half-time, they were all Windows PCs and after a monumental virus attack from a dodgy porn site they all just Blue Screened and kept giving error messages like “Cesc Fabregas is not responding – End now?”.

Now, first half, we were world-beaters, it was like we had the Gareth Bale in our team! Cesc was the player he was before his hamstring went, Nasri was on fine form, Chamakh was scoring goals. I wont dwell too much on the first half because I can’t, there’s nothing to say. I will say Gallas is a twat for hitting Nasri in the face, and what a finish from Nasri in an amazingly hard 85-90 degreee angle. However, other than that, there’s not much else to say.

Second half, we just fell asleep, and to be honest we sort of deserved to lose 3-2. Now it’s obvious, too many of our lot had played mid-week compared to their lot and because of that they could play for 90 mins and we couldn’t. Still at 2-0 up at home, you should keep that lead.

Just one thing on Fabregas, I love the bloke, but is it time to get him away from the free-kick wall? That’s twice now in tight situations against decent sides he’s stuck his arm up and almost/did cost us the game. He got lucky against Liverpool, wasn’t so lucky today.

Anyway, depressed as ever after a loss, thank God I live in Wolverhampton where the only Spuds fan I know works with my Dad and I don’t have to see them. Onwards and upwards, onto Villa lets hope we see Pires, eh?

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