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Saturday, 8 January 2011

According to Glen Johnson, this blog’s average and is an alcoholic: THE FA CUP!

Don’t you just love FA Cup weekends? Well, since 2005, I don’t, simply because the end in some humiliating 2-1 loss to some caveman team who use professional Rugby #10s to kick the ball as far as possible. I’m joking, I do love the FA Cup, it was the first match of Arsenal’s I saw (2002) and it was always an aspiration of mine to see them win it every year, I did see them win it (2005), and it maintains to be probably my favourite live game (despite the fact it ended 0-0 and was I believe the first to go all the way).

No, if someone offered me two tickets to domestic cup finals or 4th and a Champions League quarter-final loss, I’d ask “Who’s playing in the final and which end?” – because Arsenal don’t win trophies. The Cup really is still a fan’s pinnacle of the season, I know it gets low attendances but I still get excited on Cup Final day even if its Tottenham Vs West Brom.

Anyway, so we were drawn against Super Leeds, easy tie, they’re not the same side they were 10 years ago, 4th round here we come. Yeah, fucking right, I knew from the off it would be difficult, however, never this bleeding tedious! Lets be fair, we played badly until Fabregas and Theo Divecott (Just kidding) came on. What is it with Arshavin? He has glimpses of world classness then buggers off and gets shown up by half the Stevenage squad. I think most of the team it was that Nicky B can’t pass (please play the JET!) and that it bobbled over his short legs, but still AA doesn’t look like the Russian magician I fell in love with.

Luckily, for us the referee decided that Theo was fouled and gave us a penalty, despite (I don’t care what Theo said he was fouled for the first one, the second one looked more of a dive) the fact Theo was caught, stayed up, then fell over.

So, a replay it is, and an annoying one too, ah well, that’s football.

As for Wednesday, beware of the Tractor Boys, they may be brilliant without Roy Keane.

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