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Monday, 31 January 2011

World’s gone mad

Its Transfer Deadline Day, you know what that means, Arsenal fans carry on with their day as normal, buying superstars on FIFA, PES and FM, saying “Why wont you join us, Gary? Why does Coyle think you’re worth £25m?”. I have got good old Sky Sports News on, because despite not caring, I do want to know where Fernando Torres is playing and how much.

However, how mad is the world? £50m for Torres, a Torres who is playing in the worst form since joining Liverpool, and £35m for Carroll who’s a kid who, yes, is good but not worth £35m. It does show how hyper-inflated the English player market is, and why intelligent spenders like Arsene Wenger sign players like Chamakh and Fabregas on frees. Heck, Nasri, this years Player of the Season was not even £20m.

Fernando Torres 2010/11 stats – 26 appearances – 9 goals – Value in January 2011: £50m + Nicholas Anelka.
Torres is playing terribly, yet somehow he’s hyper inflated, didn’t score in the World Cup and is being carried by most Liverpool players.

Cesc Fabregas 2010/11 stats – 25 appearances – 9 goals (as a midfielder) – Value in Summer 2010: £30m
I appearance less, and 7 less in the league, yet somehow Cesc has scored as many as Torres, and from midfield, he’s also made 11 assists. Yet, Cesc is worth potentially half as much as an overrated Torres.

Marouane Chamakh 2010/11 stats – 30 appearances – 10 goals – Value in Summer 2010: Unknown but joined Arsenal on a free
Chamakh in fairness, has played more from the bench this season (other than Van Persie injury period). However, he is a new player who joined on a free and is performing so much better than Torres right now, he also has 6 assists.

Andy Carroll 2010/11 stats – 20 appearances – 11 goals – Value in January 2011: £35m
Carroll is performing well, and has an immaculate goals to games record for a lad his age, however, he’s never played in the Champions League and has played half a season in the top flight. How is he suddenly worth more than Fabregas? It just goes to show the ridiculous hyper-inflation in the English League.

So, those are the stats and how ridiculous this day is, well being an Arsenal fan today is like being Andy Gray at a feminist rally.

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