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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The greatest advert for the Premier League…well mostly

Its very cliché of any commentator to say in a commentary “This is a great advert for the Premier League” but on nights like tonight, you can clearly say that it is the great advert for the Premiership. Yes, I am massively, massively, hacked off that Arsenal cannot win a game when four nil up, but I am massively, massively, overly joyous that Wolves beat the Faux Invincible.

Lets start with a negative, 3-0 up in 10 minutes and 4-4 at full time is ridiculous, how this team cannot close the game out is beyond me, but if you factor in many things it makes some sense. Firstly, I will not defend Diaby for being a prat and throwing over Barton, other than Barton is a C U Next Tuesday and also could have broke his leg…again, but for that tackle Joey Barton should have walked too. Secondly, the penalty decisions were atrocious, the second one was for nothing and the first one minimal and thirdly, WHY THE FUCK WASN’T NOLAN SENT OFF FOR ASSAULTING CHESNEY!? If him and Joey Barton aren’t disciplined by the FA for their parts in that then I may as well start attacking people too. By the way, Stan Collymore, I don’t know if you like being known as a Cnut and would like to continue that reputation, but in what dimension should Barton play for England? The game from my perspective should have ended around 4-1/4-2 but well played Newcastle for getting back into it, even if you went about it like wankers.

Well away from the negative, now the positive. Wolves beat United…now laugh…..that’s enough….I said that’s enough….oh I guess it is pretty funny. Now if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see me and Ben Cole have a little back and forth the other night in which I said (and I’m changing it now) “Wolves will beat United, I will go to Arsenal Vs Wolves twice, and Arsenal will win the league, just like 2004”. stage one is complete, stage two is in progress (assuming I don’t die in the next 6 days), so according to me, we’ll win the league. Anyway, what a game, and what a lovely time to live in Wolverhampton, I also love how everyone is going mental and I said this would happen weeks ago. I was there in 2004 and we battered them (admittedly Ferdinand got injured…coincidence?) and we did it again. If Wolves go down, it will be a massive shame because they have taken points from United, City and Chelsea at home and were unlucky against us (QUICK STAT: We’re the only ‘Top 4’ team to beat Wolves away this season and keep a clean sheet). Well done Wolverhampton, proud to call you my second team, I hope we kiss the shoes of George Elokobi and Kevin Doyle…as long as we beat them of course. Quickly, though, Wayne Rooney should get disciplined for kicking Hammill and someone else in both halves, Smalling should get banned for punching Doyle in the face (he knew what he was doing), and Mr. Giggs you have gone down in my estimation for kicking Doyle off the ball and getting away with it you mug. Although my Dad’s xenophobic comments were hilarious “Giggs you tosser, I liked you until now, you Welsh twat!”.

Anyway, one point closer, hopefully, I’ll have a lovely blog to share as I shall be at Arsenal Vs Wolves next week.

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