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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nights like last night happen once a few years

I’m getting tediously lazy with blogs, I was supposed to write my one on Saturday on Sunday, but never got to it, however, instead of doing English homework, I’ve decided to write a blog on the Arsenal instead (as you do).

In probably the most celebrated European night since the disappointment in 2009, Arsenal went the whole hog to make it a night to remember, everyone was waving those petty flags, and as much as they were a lovely touch, they looked like a piece of tissue paper on a hilariously over-sized toothpick. Sorry, they just seemed so petty, however, it was a nice touch but not as good as after the goal, which I’ll get to.

We outplayed them, they had 10-15 minutes of play when they scored and when we scored, why does everyone say “Barcelona outplayed Arsenal”? Arsenal had most of the ball during the game, and seriously should have been 3-1 ahead at the break, if we took our chances. Of course, they scored first, Messi (who is and was terrible in London) put through Villa to slip it through Chesney (who was Co. MotM with Jack, Kos and Djourou) and put them in front. In typical negative Gooner fashion, I will say that goal could cost us the tie and they’ll still be positive going into the game 2-1 behind, rather than a 0-0 draw.

After that, they did have us dangerously close to the ropes, and if it was boxing, they won the first half, however, they must have drank something bitter at half-time, because we murdered them.

From minute 45, we had them on the ropes, we threw the kitchen sink at them and if it wasn’t for our reluctance to score, it could have been a rout. One thing I loved was seeing Cesc (a Catalan) try and rise the Emirates crowd before a free-kick, he knows that if that crowd sing for 90 minutes we can beat anyone. And deservedly, Robin Van Persie put us back on level times, with a smashing shot, I honestly thought the BGB had tapped that in but on the replays that is a fantastic low shot which no keeper could save.

Then, that second, a quick break, and a fantastic shot by Stuart Little who’s been shocking for most of the season, and we were away. The referee was asking Barcelona if they wanted this fight stopped. Back to the crowd, the one thing I loved (I even mimicked in the room) was everyone holding up the scarves, it lifted us, and probably helped us through those ten minutes. Just to see a normally dormant Emirates rocking like Highbury is magical.

As much as it is possible we will go out, I have hope, here are the differences from that game last year and this.

1) Keeper – Wojciech is immense, say no more.
2) A defense to be proud of – Kos and Johan look as good as the Verminator and Gallas
3) Jack Wilshere – he is not 19.

See you in 2 weeks Catalans.


P.s. Which retard voted Tottenham to win the Premier League?

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