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Sunday, 23 October 2011

“Sunday, Perfect Sunday”

So the weekend has been a little bit of a sombre one in our household, tomorrow will mark a year since my Grandmother’s passing and the title of this blog is sort of dedicated to her as her favourite hymn was “Peace, perfect Peace” and its also wrote on her gravestone (as I noticed today), so I thought it was a nice touch to alter the title.

Anyway, enough of my personal life onto the Football. Last season, Arsenal thoroughly cheered me up by thrashing Manchester City 3-0, this season, I don’t believe that all this was a coincidence, call me strange, but even as an atheist I somehow believe my Grandmother is having some sort of effect on the Football results in an attempt (which always works) to cheer me up. The first, came in the form of one of the funniest games in history:

Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City
The amount of little Manchester United plastic fans who I’ve had say “I’d 8-2 to be an Arsenal fan” is ridiculous, so for them to lose 6-1, and I mean to lose 6-1 with their FIRST team, not with half their first team squad missing like when Arsenal lost their, not losing 6-1 when they’re meant to be finish nearer the bottom than top, losing 6-1 to their rowdy neighbours is bloody hilarious.

Frankly, United were embarrassed by City, and were it not for a great strike by Fletcher would have been 6-0. I know must United fans will make the excuse that Evans being sent off will have changed the outcome, but City looked so good against a really poor United who have been slipping gradually recently, would have won at least 3-1 anyway.

Arsenal 3-1 Stoke City
Arsenal played Stoke today as well, and although the game was not on the telly and I haven’t had time to watch Match of the Day 2 yet, but I will say, hearing Arsenal smash Stoke 3-1 in what I hear our best performance is fantastic news, and I’ll get a better overview going once I’ve watched MOTD2.

Still, more goals for Van Persie, who proves that he is our best player and people do need to understand why he needs to be rested some days to evade injury.

Queens Park Rangers 1-0 Chelsea
The funniest of the three games may be the West London Derby, Bosingwa and Drogba both got red carded therefore miss the Arsenal game. They also lost 1-0 through a silly penalty and even though they didn’t look terrible with nine in the second half, Chelsea looked a little poor all game and even Arsenal can beat them.

Overall, a brilliant day, best of the season so far, I’d like to apologise though that there’s been a lack of blogs recently, I’ve been on holiday, had a lot of UCAS application stuff to finish and my A-Level work as well, I’d like to get some more done when I can, and now my illness has cleared up, I wouldn’t mind doing a podcast.

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