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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The story of money

So its official, other than a medical, Samir Nasri is now a Manchester City player effectively leaving Arsenal with an extra £24m to invest in building some sort of death star to hide in when the mobs come round, or whatever the fat-cats upstairs are doing with that money.

So now we have lost another player to the curse of money, today I don’t focus my anger on the board as I did that yesterday, I now focus on Samir Nasri.

With one year left on his contract, Arsenal were willing to break the bank to sign Nasri up again as to add him to the list of Flamini on players who left on a bosman would be devastating. Alas, Nasri had other ideas constantly having his agent release “come and get me pleas” for him. After Fabregas left, the papers were quick to say Nasri was on his way out too, he didn’t play any part in a dismal 0-0 draw with Newcastle on the opening day, didn’t play any part of the Udinese win and in the meantime was being abused.

Abuse, he didn’t like.

Nasri went on his Twitter trying to play the guilt-card on the fans saying he was disappointed the fans were abusing him on the terraces, calling the act “disrespectful”. I think maybe Samir needs to learn what disrespectfulness actually is.

You see, I don’t mind players leaving the club, I was upset that Cesc Fabregas left, but at least he had a reason and gave a fare notice which we disregarded, as per usual. However, when Fabregas left, he left not for money, but to play for his dream club and he’d given all for the club, much like Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires etc. I never like to see players leave, but if they’re leaving after 8+ years of good service, than its something you have to live with, unlike Nasri.

Samir Nasri has left the club after three years (with a good 6 months to show for it), because he supposedly wants to win trophies. Well excuse me Samir, but why weren’t you wanting to win the Carling Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and League this bad last season? Don’t go bullshitting us saying you want to win trophies when you couldn’t seem to be arsed to drive the club to win the four we had a chance of winning last year. You left for the money they’ll put in your back pocket and nothing else.

Had Nasri have moved to Man City from Arsenal and we were a mid-table club, I wouldn’t mind. Say what you will about where the club is headed, last season we finished a place behind City because players (like Nasri) didn’t stick their finger out and push themselves to the limit. I mean, should Matt Jarvis move from Wolves to Arsenal, taking more money, I don’t mind, that’s a better move for his career, Nasri’s is a move for greed.

Well, chin’s up, still 9 months of this bullocks to go.

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