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Monday, 22 August 2011

Its time for the board to step up or step out.

After a two nil loss to Liverpool this weekend even more pressure has been put on Wenger to deliver, with more and more personal being added to the “Wenger Out” brigade, the Frenchman’s time at Arsenal may be coming to an abrupt end, although I feel, unfairly.

Right now Wenger’s biggest downfall is ‘his’ transfer policy, without a trophy since 2005, and after moving to the Emirates Stadium in 2006 spending has been scarce. Being the messenger to the board, Wenger has always been scrutinised by players and the press for not buying this player, that player and continuing to purchase players on the cheap whether 15 or 35, continually being forced to pick players like Almunia, Silvestre, Squillaci etc. Is it fair to victimise Wenger for everything?

Each season, the club is begging for a director/board member to drive the money towards buying the next best star or a player the club needs. The man we lack right now seems to be Arsene’s best friend, former vice-chairman David Dein. Dein was crucial in recruiting our best players like Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie etc. Right now, the club lacks that man to make every negotiation process with Arsene to get players on the cheap and get money rightly spent. It seems right now that our club is run by Monty Burns and Smithers with a group of yes-men lawyers (board members in this case) next to him. Quite frankly, it sickens me.

I do enjoy the fact that Manchester United are in huge debt and we are a club run correctly, but something tells me that the only reason we are run correctly is because we have a board of small-time business men instead of football fans with heavily layered pockets. Instead of our club being run by Monty Burns (who although greedy sometimes spares no expense to do something stupid), we’re actually run by a consortium of Lionel Hutz, Hans Moleman and Gil Gunderson, but instead of them being broke, they are so small-time businessmen that they don’t want to share the wealth or even dare speculate to accumulate. They know they can’t beat the top brand (Manchester United/Chelsea/Manchester City) but to stick fourth best is good enough for them as long as the money keeps rolling in at fourth best.

We’ve gone from being the Woolworth’s (although maybe that could be Leeds seeing as Woolworth’s is no longer around) to the Poundland of the Football world.

I feel Arsene is blamed (and believe me he’s not totally blameless) for the team’s poorness in this season especially, and in the previous seven as he is the messenger (don’t shoot the messenger), he is the scapegoat. Players and the board are making AW look foolish, the board are saying there’s money available but quite obviously wont put their hands in their pockets, presumably because they have no clue what the going rate for any player is. Wenger is most likely trying to tell them he wants Juan Mata, who costs £20m with another £5m needed for his wage and the board seem to be having none of it, insisting he’s not worth it and they’re too tight to give him some money. This eventually causes Wenger to spew the bullshit to keep the board looking like angels and him looking like a man far up a creek without a paddle.

Someone made a decent argument, “The board doesn’t pick Almunia, Squillaci and Silvestre”, that’s a fair argument, the board doesn’t directly pick those three players, but do they inadvertently? If they’re not willing to give Wenger the money to purchase a new goalkeeper (because lets face it, until last season our reserve Fabianski was rubbish and Mannone and Szczesny were way too young) that he has to pick his best choice, which unfortunately is Almunia, the same applies to the centre-back position. 

Right now, AW is telling, presumably demanding the board to get their hands out their pockets and set their pockets on fire. He’s telling the board that he needs £150k wages for players like Theo Walcott, Robin Van Persie and Thomas Vermaelen to make sure this whole Flamini and Nasri debacle doesn’t repeat itself again. Hopefully, this may help get more money out to buy Eden Hazard and others before the end of the transfer window too.

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