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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Arsenal Fans, Still want Joey Barton?

So Arsenal’s season started where the last one left off, but instead of 1998, 2002 or 2004 where it ended with a win, last years ended as a draw, just like this one, but with a twist.

That twist, my readers, is Joseph Barton, or Josephine Barton as he should really be known. Early second half Alex Song (already on a yellow for a stupid haircut) stamped on Barton (which after further review looked more intentional than anything else), this provoked Barton who cried like a girl at the 4th official to send Song off. Admittedly, Song’s actions did warrant a red card but with no referee to see the incident and a 4th official blind also, you cannot fault referees and officials who don’t go by player reaction to make decisions.

So Barton was incensed, now later on down the line, when we are still at 0-0, Gervinho who looked solid all game may I add, goes down in the box, and under second look, contact was made, should be a penalty. Barton, the thug grabs Gervinho by the collar, hoists him up and threatens him, why? Because he’s a twat. The referee and all the players come running over to defuse any situation at which point Barton should surely be facing a red card of his own (and an Arsenal penalty for an assault in the area whilst the ball was in play), but Barton, hard as nails, Barton goes down because Gervinho’s lame hand touched his face, yes, readers, Barton the man who was once arrested for trying to blind a reserve player and had just pulled someone up by the scruff of their neck for ‘diving’ and trying to win their team an advantage went down from the lamest of touches, to win his team an advantage. Irony, is the word most would use.

I will say the funny side of this was whilst Barton was down looking like a tool, Vermaelen went up to him and either said “You’re a f*cking twat, I’m going to kick the sh*t out of you when we go in the tunnel” or spat in his face, I hope the latter. Anyway, surprisingly Barton got up as Gervinho, the player assaulted and pushed Barton lightly in the face was sent off whilst Barton, THE PLAYER WHO STARTED THIS WHOLE SHARADE, got a YELLOW!

If Barton had done that in the street he’d have been in prison for an overnight stay. Why is he allowed to stay on the pitch? I can only imagine the referee sent Gervinho off after Stephen' Taylor’s blatant lie to the referee that Gervinho somehow became Stretch Armstrong and elbowed a player in front of him and because he didn’t send Song off decided to make it even, despite having no real knowledge of what went on. Disgraceful.

The match other than that was fairly dull, we bossed the game and should have won it.

As for the aftermath, well we need to go the FA and have Gervinho’s red overturned or ban reduced, get Barton suspended for at least 5 games, and Song will probably get banned for a game too.

Football’s back everyone, and unfortunately, the same thug’s are too.

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