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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

End of an era, or the start of a new dawn?

The tabloid’s favourite transfer story looks to climax as Minnesota Joe looks to complete his move to Tennessee by this weekend just in time for the next season of Rodeo Championships (joke stolen from Arsenal podcast ‘The Tuesday Club’ and Keith Dover (viva la El Presidente)).

I jest of course, Minnesota Joe is very much at home, unlike Francesc Fabregas who seems like he will no longer be our El Capitan and will be moving to Barcelona who as we all know are more than a club. So what does this mean for little old Arsenal, who rely so heavily on their captain and lead playmaker Cesc, the one we proclaim to be a Messiah? Well I think we all know it means all our players will leave immediately, we’ll be forced to play a team of youth players lead by Spanish Goalkeeping legend (who’s lost both his hands to the plague) Manuel Almunia, The Emirates Stadium will have capacities of 2,500, and will be a dump with no-one to manage it, the grass will grow and it will become a swamp down there, Arsene Wenger will grow an old tramp beard and live in a tent inside the ground like that guy who lived on the Wolverhampton Ring Road, eventually, Arsenal will go bust and be replaced by fan run club AFC Gooners because Arsenal has been refranchised and moved to Tipton by West Bromwich (like in those old Budweiser adverts) and are now known as Tipton Guns.

No, it means we have lost our captain. It means one more great player has been there for 8 years and it is now time for him to move on. We all knew Cesc was about to move on, it was a case of when rather than if. We have the players to continue this side on in the march for glory, players like Vermaelen, Wilshere, Ramsey, Van Persie and others will not lay down and let this club die because one player has left. These are not mercenaries, they are players who live, eat, sleep and breathe this club and embody the spirit it has lacked for many seasons.

The media said Arsenal would fall when we lost our invincible’s, yeah? Why do we finish top 4 and in the black every season? Players come, players go. No player/man is bigger than this club, and when you let that happen suddenly when they finish their term there the club falls. When Liverpool lose Gerrard, its most likely they will suffer, when Chelsea lose those elder heads they will suffer, when United lose SAF, if they don’t replace him properly (which is almost impossible to do) they will suffer, when that City money dries up if they fail, they will suffer.

Arsenal is not a club built on one man’s play, tactical ability or money. It is built on a team of players who want to win, a manager who never wants to lose, and a board who need to buck their ideas up, but I digress.

The loss of Cesc is not the end of days, it is the beginning of something new, if we invest those earnings properly, we can re-build, we can restore and we can relive the glory days which I need to watch DVDs and Sky Sports Years/Premiership Years to enjoy.

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