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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Roy Hodgson's England: Not Desirable but Effective.

Three competitive games, no defeats, it's the start most managers dream for, especially those in an England blazer. In fact, if Roy Hodgson was to resign tomorrow, he'd be one of England's most successful managers for win percentage in the national team's history. Yet even with this very good start by England people are complaining because beloved England aren't very nice to watch.

Now as much as that's accurate, England are one of the more boring teams of the tournament compared to the likes of Spain, Germany and even France however, despite lacking flair other than flashes of brilliance from captain Gerrard and Theo Walcott at least against Sweden, England are what they haven't been for years, a well-drilled machine that are getting results which win tournaments.

Why are we continuing this delusional state that England have the same flair as Spain or Germany? Scott Parker is no Iniesta, Milner is no Mesut Ozil even Gerrard is no Xavi and it's quite ridiculous to believe England could play with the sam flair and style as the teams tipped to win the tournament. If you still believe England can win Euro 2012, the thing you should be hoping for are the well-drilled containing results we were able to get against France, Ukraine and to an extent Sweden.

Everyone seems to want entertaining attacking football, with flair players we just don't have. The other popular choice Harry Redknapp, created a very entertaining Tottenham side last season, however, were they very effective? No. They dropped a massive lead over rivals Arsenal and will be playing in the UEFA Europa League next season. Were they very good against sides better than them? No. They lost to both the top two twice and Arsenal once, 5-2 also. Besides did Redknapp's attacking, entertaining Tottenham have English players? No. Luka Modric who pulled the strings is Croatian, their striker Emmanuel Adebayor is Togolese even Gareth Bale is Welsh! Only Scott Parker and Aaron Lennon from the midfield were English, Parker is a defensive midfielder and Lennon didn't make it into Hodgson's squad. As for the flair players of the other top three? For Arsenal it's, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Van Persie and Walcott, only one of whom is English and is by the most inconsistent, another Oxlade-Chamberlain is young and will grow (hopefully) into another flair player. For Manchester City it's Nasri, Aguero, Silva, Tevez, Balotelli etc. none of them are English. For Manchester United it's Rooney, Nani, Valencia, Young, Giggs, Scholes etc. Scholes who's English has retired from International Football, Young is having a terrible tournament and Rooney (England's best player on paper) has been suspended for two of our three games. Where is this supposed flair?

Face it, we don't have the flair of Spain and Germany, we lack Ozil, Xavi, Iniesta, Silva, Fabregas, Schweinsteiger etc. We can't play attacking football because we cannot keep the football like they do, now maybe with Rooney and Gerrard's continuing form, England can look a little prettier with the ball but to succeed in this tournament we have to be well-drilled, composed at the back and contained. In some games we're struggling to get that right, Hodgson was never going to play beautiful FC Barcelona football, he was however going to get the best results from our boys with the style he is best at, making sure we are good without the ball. Can we beat Italy? I believe we can, Roy knows how to beat Italy, he managed Inter Milan, he beat Juventus in a thrilling turn-around in Fulham's amazing UEFA Europa League run-in a few seasons ago. Give Roy some faith, we may not be good to watch, but we can at least look like we wont be smashed 4-1 by Germany again.

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