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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Samir Nasri: Why I and many others dislike him.

This morning Samir Nasri hosted a Twitter questionnaire which in fairness was sabotaged by Gooners due to this hatred of him we have. Many outsiders don't seem to know why we dislike Nasri, many calling us “bitter” because we just hate him because he left. Let me give you an explanation on why I dislike him which links into an explanation on why some others dislike him too.

I do not dislike Samir Nasri because he left to “win trophies” or even because he left, it would be na├»ve of me to believe that there is much loyalty left in footballers in the 21st Century, especially from a player who is not English or a native of North London. No, the reason I dislike Samir Nasri is how he's spoken about the club, the fans and the coaching staff after his sale.

From day one, Samir Nasri has criticised the Arsenal fans, saying the stadium lacked an atmosphere, you may agree with that, I have been at the Emirates Stadium when it's been absolutely rocking and deadly silent. The games against Manchester City this season, FC Barcelona last season and most other massive games have been known to have one of the best atmospheres in the country. The thing is, as much as I don't mind Nasri sucking up to his new fans, whatever his thoughts there is no need to criticise the ones who technically paid his wages for the previous three years.

Although it doesn't bother me too much if players want to leave to win trophies, I would like to point out that in his final year at Arsenal, Nasri shut off after one good half of a season (a season where he did not get a single assist), he was a player that did not try and win a trophy in the 2011 Carling Cup final he did not try and win the league title when it was still up for grabs. There's no use using “trophies” as an excuse for leaving when he doesn't try to win a trophy at his previous club.

He has never once thanked the club or the fans for advancing his career, he has only slagged us off. Would he be at Manchester City if Arsene Wenger had taken a chance on him and brought him from Marseille, maybe not. He's not the biggest name in the world, he didn't even get selected for a French World Cup squad in 2010 that was in mass disarray and with Manchester City's millions if it wasn't for his decent half a season at Arsenal in his last year there's a chance City would not have signed him and chosen someone else.

Whilst his team-mates after City's grand title win spoke of how great it was to do it for the fans who had waited so long, the old-guard who are still at the club and who they respect so much, he spoke of a petty Twitter feud with Piers Morgan, a person most Gooners despise even if he is one of our own as if that's getting one over on us. Maybe he was just answering the question, but as we saw on Saturday, he's not a player who likes answering questions on his own performance when his side lose, is he? All I would like Nasri to do is be quiet and if people ask questions simply say he's said all he has on Arsenal because it's annoying that every time he seems to be interviewed he has to squeeze more abuse on the fans and people that supported him for three years and helped his career and his bank balance.

So if you didn't know why I/we dislike Nasri, now you know, it's not a case of him just leaving, Gael Clichy also left that Summer and most Gooners (like myself) have no grudge with him because he's never bad-mouthed the club much like Kolo Toure has never bad-mouthed the club and most Gooners have no grudge with him either. Obviously, I'm sure there are some people who just don't like him because he left for money, I dislike him because he continually bad-mouths this club when he should be thanking us.

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